Carbon Fiber Electrodes

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Welcome to the carbon fiber electrodes page! The Chestek Lab has developed high density carbon fiber arrays that can be used for electrophysiological or dopaminergic measurements. Please register as a MINT user with an interest in carbon fiber electrodes to stay up to date on our devices and so we can get in touch with you to help with your experimental needs.

Check out our files available for download. More coming soon!

Probe Datasheets

Name Description Date
Flex Array v3 Datasheet Datasheet containing information for our 10mm long Flex Array v3. 1/2020


FSCV System

Name Description Date
FSCV System Manual Build instructions for the FSCV breakout box, headstage, and rig developed & used by our labs. 2/2021
16CH FSCV Headstage Gerber files for a 16 channel FSCV headstage. 2/2021
16CH FSCV Interface Board Gerber files for an interface board useful for building and debugging headstage cables. 2/2021
16CH FSCV Dummy Cell Gerber files for a 16 channel dummy cell for system checks and debugging. 2/2021


PCB Design Files

Name Description Date
Wide Board Gerber Files Gerber files for Wide Board interface PCB. 12/2019
ZIF Gerber Files Gerber files for ZIF interface PCB. 12/2019
Flex Array v3 Gerber Files Gerber files for Flex Array v3 PCB. 2/2021