Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Carbon Fiber Electrodes – Files

Probe Datasheets

Flex Array v3 DatasheetDatasheet containing information for our 10mm long Flex Array v3.1/2020

FSCV System

FSCV System ManualBuild instructions for the FSCV breakout box, headstage, and rig developed & used by our labs.2/2021
16CH FSCV HeadstageGerber files for a 16 channel FSCV headstage.2/2021
16CH FSCV Interface BoardGerber files for an interface board useful for building and debugging headstage cables.2/2021
16CH FSCV Dummy CellGerber files for a 16 channel dummy cell for system checks and debugging.2/2021

PCB Design Files

Wide Board Gerber FilesGerber files for Wide Board interface PCB.12/2019
ZIF Gerber FilesGerber files for ZIF interface PCB.12/2019
Flex Array v3 Gerber FilesGerber files for Flex Array v3 PCB.2/2021