Carbon Fiber Electrodes – Publications

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High density carbon fiber arrays for chronic electrophysiology, fast
scan cyclic voltammetry, and correlative anatomy
Patel et al.High density carbon fibers arrays have been used chronically to detect electrophysiology and dopamine in deep brain structures and been localized within the tissue during histological analysis.2020
Ultra-small carbon fiber electrode recording site optimization and improved in vivo chronic recording yieldWelle et al.Extensive testing of different tip preparation methods was carried out to dramatically improve the yield of carbon fiber electrode arrays.2020
Chronic in vivo stability assessment of carbon fiber microelectrode arraysPatel et al.A multi-animal, multi-month, chronic implantation study was carried out with carbon fiber microelectrode arrays and silicon electrodes.2016
Insertion of linear 8.4 μm diameter 16 channel carbon fiber electrode arrays for single unit recordingsPatel et al.In this study, a water soluble coating and structural backbones that allow us to create, implant, and record from fully functionalized arrays of carbon fibers with ∼150 μm pitch are explored.2015
Ultrasmall implantable composite microelectrodes with bioactive surfaces for chronic neural interfacesKozai et al.A report on the development of an integrated composite electrode consisting of a carbon-fibre core, a poly(p-xylylene)-based thin-film coating that acts as a dielectric barrier and that is functionalized to control intrinsic biological processes, and a poly(thiophene)-based recording pad.2012