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In-Person Workshop

We are excited to announce that the NeuroNex MINT hub is holding a microLED Optoelectrode training workshop with hands on training with our high-spatiotemporal-resolution microLED probes.

This year, we will host multiple in-person workshops to allow for more social distancing. We plan to host two participants at a time for a 2 day workshop at The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI). These workshops will take place starting in June of 2023 and continue through December of 2023.

Should you be chosen to attend, we will work with you to choose a date that will accommodate everyone’s schedule.


Register HERE!

2021 Summer Virtual Workshop

Watch below the recorded 2021 Virtual Optoelectrode Training Workshop (July 8th, 2021) covering:

  • Surgery and implantation (Mihály Vöröslakos from Buzsaki Lab)
  • Stimulation and recording (Nathanial Kinsky from Diba Lab)
  • Q&A (The above two + Kamran Diba)

Q&A can be found on the Optoelectrode FAQ google forum.

Additionally, please find the presentation slides below: