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In-Person Workshop

We are excited to announce that the NeuroNex MINT hub is holding a microLED Optoelectrode training workshop with hands on training with our high-spatiotemporal-resolution microLED probes.

Virtual workshop attendees will receive priority consideration for hands on training.


A registration link will appear on this webpage shortly.

2021 Summer Virtual Workshop

Watch below the recorded 2021 Virtual Optoelectrode Training Workshop (July 8th, 2021) covering:

  • Surgery and implantation (Mihály Vöröslakos from Buzsaki Lab)
  • Stimulation and recording (Nathanial Kinsky from Diba Lab)
  • Q&A (The above two + Kamran Diba)

Q&A can be found on the Optoelectrode FAQ google forum.

Additionally, please find the presentation slides below: