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About MINT

MINT (Multimodal Integrated Neural Technologies), a NeuroNex Technology Hub supported by the National Science Foundation, aims to advance and disseminate scientific tools with unprecedented structure and function mapping capabilities to the neuroscience community.

For a complete list of tools you can request, typically at manufacturing cost, see our technology platforms page. Also, register here to receive news about our dissemination, datasheet updates, and publication news.

Every summer we hold a workshop to cover the use of each technology.

MINT is led by Euisik Yoon, U-M Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Other Investigators include:

  • György Buzsáki, Professor of Neuroscience at New York University
  • Dawen Cai, Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology at U-M
  • Cynthia Chestek, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at U-M
  • Viviana Gradinaru, Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering at California Institute of Technology
  • James Weiland, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at U-M
  • Ken Wise, the William Gould Dow Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at U-M

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